Wykład performatywny "Polska-scena-wspólnota" w ramach programu kulturalnego Polskiej Prezydencji w EU 2011. Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz/ Berlin

Prowadzenie Bartosz Szydłowski, Igor Skotfiszewski
Wideo Dawid Kozłowski


01.07.2012, 05:55 ::


It's a problem, for sure. The quoitsen is whether there is private behavior that might well influence a voting decision but is still none of the voters' business. At first blush, that seems inconceivable. But suppose our candidate and his missus like to dress up in bizarre outfits and play bedroom games. Or he keeps a private collection of erotic art. Or he meditates excessively (in the view of some people) or spends more time at prayer than more skeptical voters think is healthy. Or, as we saw with a succession of officeholders, he has same-sex paramours consensual and discreet. I'm not prepared to go along with the idea that simply because some voters would disapprove, the news media necessarily have a duty, or even a right, to ferret out and expose such things. Like you, I'm uncomfortable with suppressing the information; that's equivalent to saying to voters, Sure, you might care, but we don't think you should. But at the same time, running the story constitutes an endorsement of a curiosity based on a highly problematic sense of informational entitlement and intrusiveness. And I don't like being the instrument of that.
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